Worship Ministries

Worship Ministries

Everyone is welcome to join us on any Sunday.  We would love the opportunity to help you feel at home in the Episcopal way of worship.

At Grace Church, we serve the Lord in many ways, including in how we worship.  We believe in the priesthood of all believers and that we are all called by God to serve him in his sanctuary, lay people as well as the ordained clergy.  The following are ways that we do this:

Altar Guild
The Ministry of the Altar Guild includes preparing the altar for worship.  Most of the year, that means setting the altar for Holy Eucharist, with the fair linen, the altar candles, the chalice and paten (bread plate), and the Altar Missal for the priest to read from.  The Altar Guild members change the altar frontal and hangings for the pulpit and lectern according to the season of the Church Year.  The members of the Altar Guild pray and work behind the scenes to help create that holy space where the rest of us come to worship.

On the occasions when Morning Prayer is read instead of Holy Eucharist, the preparations for worship are different and much simpler.  But the work of the Altar Guild is indispensable.

The Ministry of the Acolytes includes lighting and extinguishing the candles, carrying the cross in procession, and carrying the Gospel Book for the priest to read the Gospel, each action in its respective part of the service.  In certain seasons of the Church Year, we also ring Sanctus Bells.

Lay Readers
The Ministry of Lay Readers includes reading from the Bible in church every Sunday.  The Lay Readers read a lesson from the Old Testament, lead the congregation in participating in a Psalm, and then they read a lesson from one of the New Testament Epistles.  The lessons and readers are scheduled ahead of time so that there is plenty of time for responsible preparation.   

At Grace Church, our Lay Readers do not wear a vestment.  They come up to the lectern when it's time for the Scripture Lessons, and return to their seats in the congregation after they finish reading.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs)
The Ministry of Lay Eucharistic Ministers includes serving at the altar, helping the priest to prepare the bread and the wine for the Eucharistic Prayer so the congregation can receive Holy Communion.  At Grace Church the LEM also serves the chalice of wine to the people.  When there is no priest, one of the LEMs leads Morning Prayer.

Music Ministry
Music Ministry at Grace Church consists of organ or piano accompaniment every Sunday, and choir on special occasions.  The ministry of the organist is to lead the congregation through the musical portions of the liturgy.

At Grace Church we celebrate The Holy Eucharist on Sundays.  That is our preferred service to offer the Lord.  There are a few Sundays during the year when our LEMS lead Morning Prayer, when the priest is away.